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HP2 Enduro

C2P 46 PRXH (hose option for gas bottle)

P= Spring Preload, R= Rebound Adjustment, X= Seperate low and high speed compression adjustment, H= Hose

Shock can be ordered with separate gas bottle attached to hose, for those who wish to fit a long distance fuel tank under the seat, therefore nitrogen gas bottles is detached from shock to make space for fuel tank.
R 10,000.00
BMW 1100GS 1150GS 1200GS

Rear Shock available for the Adventure and Non Adventure motorcycles.

C2P 46 PR - comes with rebound and spring preload adjustment. Stronger spring options for luggage.

R 9,500.00
Front Shocks Available

GS 1200, GS 1150, GS 1100

Available for 2 models: Standard and Adventure

Features: Spring pre-load and rebound adjustment

Product Code : C2P 36 PR
R 6,000.00
BMW X-Challenge
Product Code : BMW X-Challenge
R 10,000.00
Rear Suspension Available

R80GS (1981) Rear shock. 

C2P 40 PR Features: spring pre-load and rebound adjustment R6800

Product Code : C2P 40 PR

C2P46 PRXH REAR SHOCK - Height option available.

The shock comes with a 20% firmer spring to be able to carry extra luggage. The shock has been designed to offer a smoother plusher ride over uneven gravel road conditions. It has the option of adjusting compression damping to soften or firm damping as well as rebound and spring adjustment.
R 10,000.00
BMW 1200GS / Adventure Combo
1 x Front Shock C2P36PR - 10% Stronger Spring if required 1 x Rear Shock C2P46PRXQH - 18% Stronger Spring if required These shocks can be built to any length to suit your motorcycle height. Comes complete with mounting kit and C-Spanners.
R 14,195.00
Front Fork Conversions

Exchange Cartridge Kit conversion for F800, Stiffer fork springs also available for the F800

Product Code : BMW F800 GS FORK KIT
R 5,900.00
Bmw R1200 GS / Adventure


P= Spring Preload, R= Rebound Adjustment, X= Sepearate low and high speed compression adjustment, H= Hose, L= Ride Height adjustment, Q= Dual damping

R 8,995.00